Eating Cracker Jacks

As I write this I am eating a bag of Cracker Jacks! The bag even has a prize inside. Today's prize is called "Blipp a Surprise." It requires a computer download to work. When I was younger, I could barely wait to get the little prize out of the Cracker Jack box! It was usually a little top that you could spin between your finger and thumb, or something similar, but it didn't matter- it was expected, but at the same time it was unknown. There would always be a small mystery to it. At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, I will say, "Life is like a box of Cracker Jacks!" you never know what you'll get from a day though you know something is coming from the day. If we knew what each day wou

What Part Do You Not Understand?

When you think of your faith, how much of it do you really understand. Is your understanding of your Christian belief based on what you know, or is it mostly based on what others have told you? Unless we really know what we are talking about, it is hard to experience the inner peace God wants you to have along with your salvation. This understanding is free to the believer. You don't need a college degree to have this peace. When you do have inner peace, you can actually rest most nights without fear of what may happen during the night that may upset you day tomorrow. So how do you get it? The disciples proved it comes by experience. Their lives of faith were like their physical existence- t

We Have New Members!

We are really excited to have new member in our body! Several months ago, Alexander Boss came forward and joined our church! Later, Aubrey Anderson also joined! Last Tuesday evening, Samson, (Sammie) Grissom was baptized into our fellowship! It was the first baptism since I have been pastor and I am so grateful! Welcome to all of our new members! These are exciting times in the world of Christianity. In this generation, we face the greatest challenges ever faced by Christians since when Jesus was physically on the earth. There are so many temptations in our world which were, at one time, only public temptations, but now they are private. As you know, it's much easier to sin in private than i


A few decades ago, Aretha Franklin sang a song spelled R E S P E C T. It was all about respect. As Christians we have many chances to prove our respect for other people by showing them the proper respect which is due them. But like many others, we don't always respect someone else. When we go into a restaurant, we watch to see if the waiter shows us the proper respect. That begs the question: how much respect is due us? How much respect is due the waiter? Most any waiter will tell you the tightest fisted tippers are the Sunday after church crowd. That's unfortunate. Jesus is so free to give us all we have, yet we watch the waiter like a hawk to see if he fills our water glass for the 5th tim

The Wedding

Last Sunday was one of the best days of our lives in my family! Our youngest son was married to a young woman who has proven her faith in Christ many times over. They were married in the backyard of an old mansion, built in 1815, which overlooks the Kentucky River. One of the outstanding moments was as her dad was walking her to the alter, he and she, as well as Jeremy and I all had tears of joy in our eyes. Have you thought about when you as a Christian will be wed to Christ our Savior? That day is coming for all believers! Will you see tears of joy in our Savior's eyes as you approach Him on that great day? What would precipitate that tearful moment? Would it be a life lived in service to

Thanks for the 4th Time!

We had a great time yesterday on the 4th of July picnic! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make that happen for our community! Your work will not go unrewarded. There were several folks from outside our church family here! They enjoyed grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs, along with all the trimmings. Cammie brought her snow cone machine too! For the kids, we prepared volleyball and softball fields. But we needed more kids! We will do something to increase their numbers right away! Thanks to all of our church family for your warm welcome of our many visitors! As always, you treated our guests as family, and you treated our church family with the same love and respect as if they were gu

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