So What Will You Do?

Most Christians waste a lot of time wondering what it is a Christian is supposed to do. Even though we go to church, and we occasionally attend special meetings with the determination to find our own Christian path, we sometimes have some problems locating what we believe to be God's will. After all, we should do more than just attending Sunday morning services if we expect to please the Lord. In John 14:12 Jesus gave us a clear mandate, 12 "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." Many Christians sort of skip passed verses like this because they think Jesus may have

Go Take a Wife!

More than 700 years before the advent of Jesus, God told His prophet named Hosea, to take and wife and marry her, though she would be unfaithful to Hosea. This wife would provide an example to Israel of God's chosen people's unfaithfulness. Hosea's wife, (Gomer) would bear him children, but she, in her unfaithfulness, would also bear children to other men. So, before Hosea married Gomer, he already knew she would prove unfaithful, but in obedience to God, Hosea, married her and continued to love her even though she was having adulterous affairs and having children outside her marriage vows. Why would God initiate such a marriage for Hosea? Through the thousands of years after God told Abraha

I Didn't Get The Memo!

Before the days of computers, the standard excuse for missing the office meeting was, "I didn't get the memo!" Though a thinly veiled excuse, it still would sometimes get the slacker by and perhaps without punishment for his absence. There is one appointment, however, that no one will miss. The bible says there is a great day coming where people will be judged for their deeds on the earth whether they be good or evil. There will be no excuses and no one will be excused. For those who trusted Jesus Christ for their soul's salvation, they will be judged for their deeds while on earth for the purpose of receiving their reward, at the "Judgement Seat of Christ" (2 Corinthians 5:10), but for the

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Sometimes we all feel like the sparrow and we are glad His eye is upon us. Just having the knowledge that even though we don't sometimes understand, God never lets us down, nor does He abandon us even for a moment! Jesus said "I will send you another Comforter," (John 14:16), but this Comforter, (the Holy Spirit) is more than just a part of God that is aware of you. The Spirit of God lives in your heart eternally when you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior! Imagine never feeling alone again! Not only will you never be alone again, but you will always have the knowledge that God is with you in Spirit. When you have won, He celebrates with you! When you fail, He calls you back to Himse

Are You Blessed?

When World War ll was getting under way, Corrie Ten Boom lived in Amsterdam, where her family were watchmakers. They were Christians. As the Third Reich began to round up Jewish people to send to concentration camps, Ten Boom's family made a secret room in their house to harbor and hide Jews from the Germans. Eventually, the hiding place was discovered and the Ten Boom family was sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp where all but Corrie died before she was set free through a "clerical error" just before the war in Europe ended. Many would say that the error was just that, but others of the faith know there are no coincidences in God's world. After she was set free, Corrie's story was t

The Car Is Out of Control Only When I Drive

In 1974, Yvonne & I owned a 1968 VW beetle. It was red and fun to drive. Our son Matt, who was two years aged at the time, accompanied us on vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While there, we decided to go up on the mountain on the Carolina side of Gatlinburg. We had a great time up there, viewing the mountains and relishing what God had created. But soon, we had to come back to town for the evening. On the way back, I asked Matt if he wanted to drive us back down the mountain. He hopped over into my lap, (times were different then), and I allowed him to steer the car all the way, (several miles) down the mountain road. It was twisty and curvy all the way. But we had a great time doing it. M

Christian; How Tolerant Are You?

In today's world Christians are painted with a dark brush of being intolerant of any other religion, as well as, many action that we consider to be immoral or ungodly. In fact we don't agree with the world on many things. As a result, we are called all kinds of names, with one of the most common being, intolerant! Many people in our time believe if you as a Christian don't agree with them, that they should be able to be anything they want, or if you don't agree with them that they should be able to act any way they want, you are intolerant! In other words, they might say, "If you don't agree with my life style, even though it doesn't agree with your core beliefs, then you Christian, are into

Not As The World Gives....

Several years ago, I watched a documentary on TV about the lady who was heir to the Winchester (gun manufacturer) fortune. She was obsessed with the number of people who had been killed with the guns her family had made. She decided that she would provide a resting place for the wandering souls of those deceased, so she continued to build room after room on to her mansion to accommodate the souls until she had a total of 161 rooms when she died. She was trying to provide peace that the world gives. But Jesus had a different idea. Jesus didn't have to worry about the condition of men's souls since He created them. He knew their condition while He walked the earth, just as He continues to know

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