Can You Forgive Yourself?

Many of us carry a burden of guilt from events, (sins), that happened years ago. It seems we sometimes have trouble forgiving ourselves. We know God is able and willing to forgive us when we ask, but we seem unable to get past the guilt of the event. There are a couple of things we should remember. First, Christ died on the cross because He wants to forgive us of all our sins. This means when you approach the Throne of Grace you will be obeying Christ by admitting your sin, and asking forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 says, "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." So once you confess and repent your slate is forever clean fr

What Brings Happiness to Your Home?

Several years ago a survey of Christian couples probed the depths of happiness within the home. The question was asked, "What in your opinion brings the most happiness to your home. The majority of responding couples replied, 'Living the Christian faith within the home brings the most happiness ' ". Indeed, without the bond of faith within the home, it would be difficult to maintain true happiness for any length of time. Many have tried other methods. Trips, education, new cars, bigger homes, more kiddos, etc. but the fact is, these things only bring temporary happiness. True happiness requires something more than things. Though all of the things mentioned before can add a measure of joy to

We Remember

This weekend is a special time in our country. Memorial Day is the time when we remember those of our country who have given their lives in service to protect our freedom, and so we will do that Sunday morning during our worship service. We sincerely invite you to be here with us for this special day. This week we are doing something different. We have already passed out paper hearts to many of our congregation and Sunday morning we will pass more hearts to those who want them that they may write the names of those loved ones they want to memorialize. When we get all the hearts back in we will put them in a box, then on Monday morning at 10 a.m. we will plant a dogwood tree in memory of thos

Good Bye Gary & Cammie

Our Brother Gary Welker and Sister Cammie, will be leaving our fellowship for a new work in Adair county after this Sunday, May 26. The Lord is moving them to another work in His kingdom, the Cain Valley Christian Church. Gary will be pastor there. We will miss you two very much. We will also miss you cheery attitude and willingness to do anything you were ever asked to do. But we know God will bless you and your new church because it is His vineyard we all work in and when he says "work here" we work here, and when He says "work there", we work there. May God be with you both as you continue to work the work while it is day. Memorial weekend is always special. When we think of what our vete

Like an Old Friend

Tom T Hall wrote a song entitled, "Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine''. He was speaking from an earthly prospective of his life view. When we begin to age, we tend to slow down. Much of this is due to our bodies becoming more frail, which limits our abilities, but even more may be wisdom which tends to cause us to be more cautious, thereby making us enter situations more slowly. As wisdom sets in, people seem to like a slow conversation, a slow glass of ice tea, and a nice long nap. But few things bring more joy than old dogs and children, especially, our children or their children. Then our friends add much joy to life. Those precious few whom you have known all your life and whom y

Are You Sure About That?

I remember on the TV show, "Green Acres," Mr. Kimball, the farm extension agent, would stand and correct himself. After making a statement, he would try to explain, then re-state it in a different way. It was really comical to watch him! Jesus found it necessary to correct the disciples on occasion in his loving way, but when he had to correct the Pharisees, it was with a different tone. Did he love the Pharisees? Yes he did. He didn't approve of their self-righteous ways, but he loved them. When Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin Court came to him by night and ask him how it was possible for him to do the miracles he did, Jesus loved him. And Nicodemus likely became a follo

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