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What Part Do You Not Understand?

When you think of your faith, how much of it do you really understand. Is your understanding of your Christian belief based on what you know, or is it mostly based on what others have told you?

Unless we really know what we are talking about, it is hard to experience the inner peace God wants you to have along with your salvation. This understanding is free to the believer. You don't need a college degree to have this peace.

When you do have inner peace, you can actually rest most nights without fear of what may happen during the night that may upset you day tomorrow. So how do you get it? The disciples proved it comes by experience. Their lives of faith were like their physical existence- tumultus. Like them, we think we have peace, then we don't. We reach out in faith, them like Peter on the water, our faith fails us. What can we do?

Try to find it within your spirit to rest in Jesus. While you're doing it, do more Bible reading. Reach out to God in prayer. I don't mean to overly stress this next point, but please don't cheat yourself by not coming to church. Church is one of your main avenues to spiritual rest and peace.

The decision is yours to make- will you choose peace or will you choose ignorance, (which is what it is when we don't know). Choose knowledge and peace. Come back to church as often as there are services. Yes, it's a sacrifice, but in the end you will know it was well worth the effort.

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