Get Ready!

Tomorrow night, we will enjoy the annual "Hanging of the Green" service! No, we aren't actual hanging anyone named Green, but we will actually decorate our auditorium with beautiful ornaments and live foliage in remembrance and celebration of the advent. If you haven't been to one of these events, you have really missed a blessing! Please come tomorrow evening at 6 pm so you won't miss the blessing this year. Get Ready! Put the "Hanging of the green service on your calendar. This year, we will be featuring string members of the Louisville Orchestra, the Lenox Quintette, angelic singing by Bella Musica, and the special "Passing of the Light", demonstrating how we Christians pass the light of

Presumption or Faith?

I am sure you have seen many people express their faith through the years. It is good to express our faith publicly. I remember several years back when a friend who had signed up for AmWay publicly stated she was going ahead with her order of a new Rolls Royce. I remember thinking that it was a bit over the top! Of course the idea flopped and car was never ordered, but how did that statement make her appear? A bit presumptuous? The Lord encourages us to express our faith but what is the difference between presuming upon the Lord, and having faith in Him? Over the last several years, Christianity has finally come out of the "prosperity preaching" movement. We've all heard them say how much we

An Army of Love

When you think of an army, you may think of lots of soldiers with much armament. But in our modern day, But in our modern day, it takes fewer soldiers with many kinds of robotics to conquer an enemy. It's amazing that the drone aircraft that bomb terrorist on the other side of the earth are many times piloted by young men and women sitting in the office like war room in Arizona. With modern technology we can touch people around the world. Christian soldier, we too have an army. Our army is out there right now telling people the good news, praying for those in need, distributing food, clothing, and shelter where they are needed. Our technology is valuable as well. Though digital media, we can

Peace Like a River

When I was around 10 years of age my parents sang gospel music with another couple. Every week we would travel to their house for the practice which seemed to go on and on. I didn't realize at the time what a blessing I was receiving. The old song "Peace Like a River" also contained the word "restoring my soul." There is something special about a peaceful river. Though the surface of the water is peaceful, there is a powerful strength about the water. Under the surface, the current remains strong year after year. God is like that. He is strong but peaceful. But there are also times when a storm has caused the waters of the river to rage. Then, there is no holding back the destruction the pow

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