Don't Worry......*

Several years ago Bobby McFerrin sang the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" It was a huge hit. The song agrees with what most of us want- a worry free life. In fact, if you know the song, you are hearing it in your mind right now! No, it isn't mind control, but it is suggestive thinking. But to we also hear what Jesus suggested when He said? "Therefore I tell you, do not worry," (Matt 6:25). And we shouldn't worry since the same God who created life in you can be trusted with the details of your life. In verse 26, Jesus reminds us that the birds of the air do not store up food in barns, yet our Heavenly Father feeds them. Worrying about the future hampers your life today! In verse 27 the Lord s

Dream a Little Dream.....

Can you remember your dreams? Many times I can, but sometimes I cannot. But dreams serve a purpose. Some researchers believe dreams serve to help us resolve conflict or to consolidate memory. It is good that we are able to dream. What are your dreams for our church during the year 2019? Sometimes we don't share our dreams of our church with others for a number of reasons, but most of us have the same dreams. We hope for church growth both physically and spiritually. But how do we accomplish either of those two goals? First, we need to share with others what our dreams for the church really are. I am sure that any of the elders or deacons, as well as, myself would be thrilled to hear what you

Are You Seeking Peace?

Back in 1981, I sold life insurance. My duties required me to visit an old man living in the hills south of Monticello. As always, I was racing around trying to get as much done as possible that day. When I got to his house way back off the main road, it was an old wood sided structure, with weathered gray siding. The front porch went all the way across the house, and the old weathered man was sitting in his rocking chair on the porch looking at a fantastically beautiful view of a rock cliff in the distance, which reflected the warm afternoon sun. There were birds circling in the distant sky, and in the scene, there was tremendous peace. The old man was very tranquil so we just sat there qui

How About a Date?

We are creatures of habit. We sit in the same seat, in the same room in our homes day after day. When we come to church we sit in the same pew. I know it's comforting to have the secure feeling that familiarity brings, but too much familiarity also brings boredom. Why not do something different? The routines we all have sometimes keeps us from the excitement we crave. Guys, it doesn't matter how long you've been married, she still likes to be respected and taken to a new restaurant occasionally! Be looking for something different for your next outing. Do you still enjoy your date night? Everyone loves to be taken out on a date and married folk ought to have one every week! Do you remember th

What Is "Your" Label?

For a while, when visiting the grocery, I couldn't find the "Liquid Smoke". I looked all over the section where I thought it might be- around the meat section, or maybe where all the spices, sauces, etc. would be located. I asked for help and was told that many people ask of it's location. "It's located next to the pickles," I was told. One wouldn't normally think of the Liquid Smoke being nestled in with a bunch of pickle jars, since it is an additive like barbecue sauce. I was assuming it would be located along with the other items I add to our back yard barbecue! (Pickles go on after the cooking)! If a stranger looked for you, would he find you with your like kind? Sometimes it's easy for

The Devil Wants You!

Our message this Sunday morning is about the devil. When I say that; what image comes into your mind? Do you think of the devil as a little guy with a toothy smile, with two little horns and a pitchfork to match his red pointed tail? Actually, the devil wants you to picture him like that. He want you to think of him as a cartoon character who presents no threat or danger to you or your family. He wants you to consider him to be a fum loving being with no harmful intentions toward you and your family. After all, adverse to what Flip Wilson said, the devil cannot make you do anything. (If you're under 45 years of age, you may want to google "Flip Wilson"). Some people think the devil would be

Are You An Alien?

Once there was a cartoon, (which only the older folk will remember), in which a main character, who was an alien, ask the question, "Are you an earthling?" In today's world Christians are viewed by many to be an alien group. If we are truly Christian, most people would look at us and think we are pretty peculiar. After all, even though we are living here in the USA, our final citizenship is in heaven. Though our bodies are finite, our souls are infinite. We live here now but we look for a better country to be our home soon. It looks like we don't really belong to this world since we are only sojourners here. Our speech is different, our morals are different, our outlook on life is differen

Concerning Servanthood

We are studying the 18th chapter of John during this season on Wednesday evenings. We are taking our time and digging deep into the perspective between John's view as compared to the other three gospel writers. There are some fascinating facts to notice in John's gospel. In Matthew 5:39 Jesus, in one of his most challenging verses of the New Testament says, "But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also." This idea, which was new to the hearers on the mount that day, was a reinterpretation of the mosaic law. It had to do with more than an attitude of retaliation. It had to do with true servanthood. When a child of Chri

Shine Jesus Shine!

Recently, we sang the hymn, "Shine Jesus Shine" in our Sunday morning service. That is a special song to me! The words themselves express a central mission on Russell Springs Christian Church.Shine! Jesus, Shine!" We are on a mission to shine the love of Jesus both in our community and in the world! With God's help and hard work on our part, we intend to fulfill that mission.Will you come and help us do this? There is a place for you here in our church and a work for you to do as well. If you don't see it, just ask! Hey church! Let's bring in some sheaves this week! What's a sheave you say. Well, let's take a second to figure it out. Hmmmm! Good question. The dictionary says it's wheel with

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