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Eating Cracker Jacks

As I write this I am eating a bag of Cracker Jacks! The bag even has a prize inside. Today's prize is called "Blipp a Surprise." It requires a computer download to work. When I was younger, I could barely wait to get the little prize out of the Cracker Jack box! It was usually a little top that you could spin between your finger and thumb, or something similar, but it didn't matter- it was expected, but at the same time it was unknown. There would always be a small mystery to it.

At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, I will say, "Life is like a box of Cracker Jacks!" you never know what you'll get from a day though you know something is coming from the day. If we knew what each day would yield ahead of time, the excitement would be gone from life, and we would become lazy and listless without anticipation.

Jesus said we should live one day at a time. But we sometimes get ahead of God by trying to anticipate what a day will bring, then we try to manipulate the events of the day, at about the same time we are ruining the plan.

Wouldn't it be enough to know that God has provided the events of the day for us and we should just rest in the Lord and enjoy or endure it as it comes? Don't try to eat the last Cracker Jack before you open the bag. It doesn't work so well if you try. Just take it one step at a time and know God is with you no matter what.

My, but these Cracker Jacks are good!

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