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Recently, I found a "new" book that my oldest son and my daughter-in-law gave me back in 2003. It was buried along with other mementos among the dozens of books I have that I have not yet read. But this one is interesting! It's about ministry in a form we don't commonly think about but which we all should be doing. It's about actually "enjoying" ministry in a way that doesn't pressure us to produce results, that doesn't ask us to conform to a schedule that doesn't fit our lifestyle, and a type of ministry that capitalizes on what we know in our lives, you know; the things we do for a living etc, that we really enjoy and that we have in common with other people. The name of the book is the ti

These Are Perilous Times!

With the most important presidential election in history looming on the horizon, we as Christians, more than perhaps we have ever in our lives, need to pray for God's will to be done. We need His guidance! Every one of us has a personal preference about who the president should be. We also have our thoughts about which party should be in control of the House and the Senate, but our will means nothing if it doesn't match the will of God. Only God knows how to heal our nation. Let's join together in these next few days until the election to ask the Lord for His will to be done, no matter if it matches our wishes or not. I am afraid the lawlessness that seems to prevail in our city streets will

October is Here!

Well, it's nearly here! Today is September 23, and it seems like since the official season of Fall has arrived, that October has also arrived. So.....what do you plan to do this fall? Recently I preached a message that spoke of our destinations. All Christians are planning on our final destination being Heaven, but what do you intend to do in the meantime, during this life on earth? We are on a journey to meet the Lord one day! We can be glad to meet Him or we can dread the meeting, but either way, it's coming one day. Today, why not plan to have a happier home coming by living for Jesus each day? For instance, our destination for this day should be to make a rendezvous with someone who is e

An Ungodly Farmer

David Guzik included the following story in a study of the Bible: "There was once an ungodly farmer. When he died, they discovered in his will that he had left his farm to the devil. In the court, they didn't know what to do with it. How do you give a farm to the devil? Finally, the judge decided: "The best way to carry out the wishes of the deceased is to allow the farm to grow weeds, the soil to erode, and the house and barn to rot. In our opinion, the best way to leave something to the devil is to do nothing." We can leave our lives to the devil the same way- do nothing, drifting with whatever currents will drive us." It is important for us to carefully cultivate our lives that we may pro

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect.....or at least, that's how the old saying goes. Have you ever wondered how it would have been in the days while Adam and Eve still lived on the earth? They were cast out of the Garden of Eden for sinning against God, but they still had control over the rest of the terrain. Do you suppose, since there were only a few humans on earth at that time, Satan would have had more time to tempt them to do even more evil? Would he have tempted them more often than he does people today since there weren't as many people back then? If it is true that "practice makes perfect", Satan has had a lot of people and much time to "practice" enticing people to sin against God between then

Give God Your Best

This week, our Sunday morning message will be about Adam and Eve's boys, Cain and Abel. What do you think about when you think of these two? Perhaps, most of us think of them in terms of Cain slaying Abel. It's amazing that the relationship of the first two sons actually born on the earth consisted of jealousy which led to murder. Sin began a long time ago; didn't it? So what brought about this heinous sin of murder? God required a sacrifice from men of the best they had. Abel was a hunter and he brought forth to the Lord an offering of meat which was acceptable to God. Cain, on the other hand, was a tiller of the land, and he brought forth his best vegetables to offer to the Father. You mig

There is a Way....

On what do you base your decisions? I think we make them based on our experience and on the atmosphere in which we grew up. Then someone, like a teacher, or some influential person in our lives may have taught us their version of right and wrong. We may have been taught that what is right for us is also right for everyone else, but that is not always the case. Once there was an old country song that claimed, "If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right." The premise of the song was an adulterous affair. Many people, I'm sure, heard that song and justified their own life's mistakes on those lyrics. According to the Lord's bible, an adulterous affair is never right no matter how right it

Our New TV Program

I hope you saw our new TV program Wednesday evening! During this pandemic, we are on Duo-County Broadband (channel 2) with our new study of the Bible! We are studying Luke 5 at this time, so please tune in at 6:30 pm each Wednesday evening, and don't forget your Bible! This week, we studied Jesus' healing of a leper, as well as, the miraculous catch of fish! -This is good stuff, so be sure to join us next time! Thank you for the many positive comments about the program this week! And, if there is a certain topic you would like us to explore, please let me know, and we will try to study it with you as soon as it can be arranged. These studies are for you! Next week we will examine ceremonial

Does the Truth Ever Change?

Before you answer that question, consider this; It was once thought that tomatoes were poisonous. At one time it was considered a life saving measure to "bleed" a sick person. The father of Orville and Wilbur Wright warned them, "Everything that can be invented, already has been!" Shortly afterward, his sons invented the airplane. But is an opinion of truth actually truth? Many people throughout history have had many ideas about what might constitute truth. Many of them have been wrong. Mankind really is talented at making mistakes. But one thing is sure; God's truth is THE truth, and His truth never changes. Jesus said, 35 "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away,

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