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Thanks for the 4th Time!

We had a great time yesterday on the 4th of July picnic! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make that happen for our community! Your work will not go unrewarded.

There were several folks from outside our church family here! They enjoyed grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs, along with all the trimmings. Cammie brought her snow cone machine too! For the kids, we prepared volleyball and softball fields. But we needed more kids! We will do something to increase their numbers right away!

Thanks to all of our church family for your warm welcome of our many visitors! As always, you treated our guests as family, and you treated our church family with the same love and respect as if they were guests.

Many of you know Yvonne & I will be out of town this weekend for our son Jeremy's wedding. We are blessed to have Bro. Carrol and Sis. Phillis to fill in for us. Thanks to you both!

if you haven't been to church on Wednesday evenings for a while, we are having a good time studying Philippians 2. Please join us!

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