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A few decades ago, Aretha Franklin sang a song spelled R E S P E C T. It was all about respect. As Christians we have many chances to prove our respect for other people by showing them the proper respect which is due them.

But like many others, we don't always respect someone else. When we go into a restaurant, we watch to see if the waiter shows us the proper respect. That begs the question: how much respect is due us? How much respect is due the waiter? Most any waiter will tell you the tightest fisted tippers are the Sunday after church crowd. That's unfortunate. Jesus is so free to give us all we have, yet we watch the waiter like a hawk to see if he fills our water glass for the 5th time, then cheat him on his tip if he didn't.

Do you show the master of the house you visit the proper respect. For instance, if you smoke, do you continue to smoke as you enter the residence of someone who doesn't smoke? Should you respect his rights or should he respect your position as a visitor?

It is commonly understood that we respect the wishes of the owner of the home into which we are entering by not smoking. So do you get you feelings hurt if he asks you not to violate his house rules? You shouldn't- it's his house. The shoe will be on the other foot when he comes to your house.

Be careful not to get confused about what the other person is asking of you. Don't feel like you have been rejected if that other person doesn't agree with your sanitation habits. He isn't rejecting you personally, he is just asking you not to transgress the rules of the house. Now is your chance to prove your servant's attitude. You can be big and prove your love, or you can be petty enough to think the world revolves around you and your wishes. What would Jesus do? Will you join Jesus and do the same?

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