Was It Easier for Jesus?

Many people wonder if the many sufferings Jesus endured on our behalf were easier for Him than it would be for a normal man. Since Jesus was God in human flesh, He must have been stronger therefore making it easier for Him to turn down temptation; right? Not at all! In fact, it was more difficult you Him than it is for us. Think about it. We humans has sin in our lives. I have likened it to a filter. We filter through our lives all the experiences that come our way. Some of these passing experiences leave a stain of sin on our lives. These sins, unless confessed and forgiven built up a "sin residue" in our experience. This residue of sin begins to build up until our "sin filter" is clogged.

Something New!

Actually I didn't mean to fool you, but you can now, (beginning Feb), view our Sunday morning messages on our web page at RSChristianchurch.org. Just look up on the header and click "media", then a dropdown will appear where you will click "sermons", then you can view the most recent sermons online. This service has been "Out of Order" for several months, but thanks to Debbie Collins, it's once again about to fire up! Again, this service starts with the first sermon in February. OK- So, how have you been since we last spoke? Isn't it funny that when we see each other and that question is asked, we tend to not actually reveal all of our sufferings? Is that because we don't want to reveal our

Are You Out There?

A few years ago a popular song state in the lyrics, "Is anybody out there?" I thank our God for my salvation which happened in October of 1962. So, I have been in the family of Jesus Christ almost all of my life. Having been a child of God for all those years may tend to disconnect me from those who are suffering the loss of a relationship with the Lord. Those of you who read this and have been saved may not often think about those souls who have been in darkness most of their lives. They may wonder if anybody is out there. Does anybody care? How many people have expressed their concern for the lost by actually speaking with them about an eternity separated from God. Many of the people who n

Here We Are!

Well, here we are again in a new year! It seems but a short while since everyone was wondering about the feared computer shutdown in the year 2000. But, as you can see, we've made it 20 years since then! My oh my! Did you resolve over the New Year celebration to do anything different? I don't usually make any resolutions, but frankly, I secretly wish I could live closer to the Lord than ever before. Whether I will make that a reality is up to me and circumstances, but I will try to make it happen. Sometimes our resolutions, no matter how solemn at the time issued, don't ever come to fruition. It is reminiscent of our Christian lives. We trust the Lord in salvation, we join the body and start

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