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We Have New Members!

We are really excited to have new member in our body! Several months ago, Alexander Boss came forward and joined our church! Later, Aubrey Anderson also joined! Last Tuesday evening, Samson, (Sammie) Grissom was baptized into our fellowship! It was the first baptism since I have been pastor and I am so grateful! Welcome to all of our new members!

These are exciting times in the world of Christianity. In this generation, we face the greatest challenges ever faced by Christians since when Jesus was physically on the earth. There are so many temptations in our world which were, at one time, only public temptations, but now they are private. As you know, it's much easier to sin in private than in public. Pray that Jesus will deliver you from temptation and evil. The exciting part is that God is as strong to deliver us as ever! He is waiting for us to confess our sins that He may forgive us and deliver us from sin.

Which is the greater in your opinion? Is the greater sin, or pride? It's a chicken and egg question. Pride leads to sin, but a sinful heart leads to pride. Both are what took Satan from his angelic position in heaven to the depths of rebellion against God. I have always wondered about why 1/3 of the angelic host followed Satan in that rebellion. To anyone who thinks sin is not a problem for them, you had better think again. One of the problems with that kind of pride, is it leads us to make an idol of ourselves.

We must guard against allowing ourselves to become smug in our thoughts. Jesus lowered Himself in His humility to take on the flesh of a man that He might conquer sin for us since we couldn't do it on our own. Never think that you can do it by yourself. We need the blood of Jesus to cover our sins. Depend on Him.

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