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The Wedding

Last Sunday was one of the best days of our lives in my family! Our youngest son was married to a young woman who has proven her faith in Christ many times over. They were married in the backyard of an old mansion, built in 1815, which overlooks the Kentucky River.

One of the outstanding moments was as her dad was walking her to the alter, he and she, as well as Jeremy and I all had tears of joy in our eyes.

Have you thought about when you as a Christian will be wed to Christ our Savior? That day is coming for all believers! Will you see tears of joy in our Savior's eyes as you approach Him on that great day? What would precipitate that tearful moment? Would it be a life lived in service to Christ? How about a prayer life which was totally unselfish, where Christ was honored and our neighbors who were suffering were mentioned more than our own needs? Could Christ's tears of joy be on account of your willingness to go anywhere anytime, even though He never asked you to do it?

Do you love Christ enough to precipitate tears of joy from Him because he knows the depth our your loving heart? Every time I think of the joy of the wedding it make me rejoice! Let's live and work as Christians with the goal of eliciting that kind of joy in our Lord! Work, for the day is coming when no man can work! Love as if there will be no tomorrow, since for many there won't be one on the earth.

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