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I've Been Sick Lately!

I remember a cartoon from when I was a kid which showed two or three healthy cartoon characters who were big and strong, then it showed a weakly, stricken looking character who said, "I've been kind of sick lately!"

Well, I think that last character is me. I've been kind of sick lately. It must be some type of virus according to the Russell County Hospital. They gave me nausea medicine and an IV with fluids, and that did help, but I still feel a bit badly. But to look at me, you might not suspect that I am ailing. On the outside, I appear to be well enough, but on the inside I feel lousy!

I think as Christians we have a lot of times when we feel terrible inside, but no one would suspect it to see us on the outside. We come to church and put on our best face. We act spiritual as if nothing is wrong with us, but inside we know. We know perfectly well that we not up where we should be spiritually.

My physical sickness was caused by a virus. You can't see it, you can smell it, but inside, when you have this virus, you know it's ruining everything you hoped to do. Spiritual sickness is the same way. We are really good at hiding the symptoms behind smiles behind greetings, behind singing and holding our Bibles in our hands. No one would know of our secret illness. But one thing is sure; like physical illnesses, spiritual illnesses will eventually make their way to the surface where we will have to face them.

In the book of Numbers, chapter 32, we read of the people of God asking His permission to build pens for their livestock and cities for their wives and children, but the Lord advises them to go ahead and do it, but if they do not do it, their unfaithfulness will be made know and He said, "“But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out."

Our sin will also find us out, if that is indeed our problem. I must say that not in all cases it sin the problem. Sometimes we feel depressed as did Elijah after he had slain 1,000 prophets of Baal and Queen Jezebel told him by this time tomorrow, you will be as dead as they are!" After that, Elijah became frightened and ran away where he hid under a bush and asked the Lord to take his life. It was because he was depressed. If you need help with depression, don't be embarrassed about it. This type of sickness is just as real as the virus I am trying to get over. Please contact me. If you don't feel that you could speak with me about it, we have a licensed Clinical Counsellor in our membership. She will be glad to speak with you. Please call the church at 270-866-5591 for help! God's richest blessings to you!

Bro. Don


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