Christmas, for many of us, is like the song says: "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." But is isn't that way for many. Sadly, we hear about folks who don't have the funds to buy presents for their friends and families. This is especially true for the single parent. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, people can't buy even a small gift for someone they love. That is where you and I come in as the church. We should help these people when appropriate and when possible. We may never see the result of our help on the earth but we are building an account of deeds in heaven whether they be good or evil. But the most affordable gift we can give is a smile. If we can give the gift of kindness

Get Ready For an Attack!

As promised, we enjoyed our fourth annual "Hanging of the Green" service this past Sunday evening. It was the best one yet. Though many people didn't realize it, the service was very spiritual. People's hearts were touched in various ways. I heard that several people had tears in their eyes during the first song. The splendid music brought back Christmas memories from long ago warming the hearts of the large congregation. It was in many ways a spiritual peak. Do you know what happens immediately after you cross the top of a peak? You start down! Satan hates it when things go well in the house of the Lord! So he plans a counter-attack. We must now beware of a subtle attack or crack within our

God and Ronald Reagan

I am reading a book by Paul Kengor PhD. by the above title. The interesting fact I have so far noticed is that Reagan understood the total sovereignty of God. He understood that from his birth, the circumstances that brought him to the Christian Church, (yes he was a member of our denomination), were of God and by and for the purpose of God. These events all together, though they seemed at the time to be unrelated to each other, eventually took Reagan to the Whitehouse. I am only on page 41, but I anticipate the rest of the book will be good. We are brave Christians. We state what we know to be true about the sovereignty of God, and we believe it too. But when things go badly, we have a hard

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