Are You a Slave?

Recently, a breaking news story from Lynchburg, VA introduced the latest scandal of happenings in the Christian community. Of course the "news hounds" couldn't wait to sniff out all the loathsome details to expose to the world. It is disgusting what we Christians sometimes allow ourselves to be a part of. One thing is certain, however. Satan is expert at taking something God called good and turning it into a rotten thing, unworthy of even the mention of its facts. When many Christians became aware of the facts of this scandalous and sordid affair, they became physically ill. Not because they thought they were somehow "better" than the actors in this unfortunately play of life, but because de

Are You Lonely Too?

I think we would all be shocked if we knew what percentage of our fellows in the world are lonely! I see them every day. It is saddening to observe those who seem to have no home, no friends, no place or anyone to call their own. What can we do to help them? Does God love them? Do we love them? How can we claim to be God's children when we bear no resemblance to Him in loving our unfortunate neighbors? If you have born children; was one of the first things you looked for in the delivery room, a resemblance to yourself? Does God look for a resemblance to Himself in us? I think He does. I am afraid, however, He must not see too much of Himself in me sometimes. When I don't give as I should; wh

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

Back in 1976, Leo Sayer sang a song by the title above. It was a joyful song about a girl who made him feel like celebrating. Let's look for a moment at what the Bible says about dancing. In 2 Samuel 6:14, there is an account of David dancing before the Lord. Let's read it together. 14 Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, 15 while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets. There are times in our lives as Christians when God has been so good to us that we cannot contain it without shouting, or moving around, or dancing! Indeed it is a joyful moment when the Lord moves on our lives in that way! God is go

How Long Since Your Last Check-up?

I returned last evening from having a thorough check-up at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. As I approached the front portico, I noticed a sign which said, "Mayo Clinic Rated the Number One Hospital." Actually, I already knew it was number one- that's the reason I go there as opposed to other hospitals. Practically all hospitals are good hospitals. But Mayo is the one where they are on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. If there is anything wrong with your health, they will discover it, and if it can be treated, they will treat it. That gives me great confidence in them. Everyone should have a check-up on their health annually. But what about our spiritual health. If you want the num

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