Let Bygones be Bygones

Here we are on the last day of a short month! It seems that it has been only a few days since February began, but we are now at the end. Did anything of significance happen in your life during the month? Though we may not remember consciously, Every event that happened during February, and every other month, is now permanently etched in our memories. Good or bad, they are all there. All it will take is a little reminder, and we can bring those experiences back to mind, whether they are good or bad. Do you find it easier to remember something bad than something good? For some reason, if someone does something to upset us in some way, we tend to be able to remember that more vividly than thos

What is the Meaning of Good?

I am visiting the dentist this afternoon. Oh Goodie! I hope to have a "good" report when I get out of the chair. When I am home again, I would like to be able to say it was a "good" trip. So, what does the word really mean? Good question. By the way; where do you do most of your praying? I have thought that the dentist chair is a good place to practice! One might say that only atheists don't pray in that chair. Anyhow, what is the meaning of good? Are you good? So far I have used the word in this blog a good number of times. Maybe I will use it a good many fewer times in the rest of this blog writing. Okay; so what is the meaning if good? There are a good many definitions of the word _ _ _ _

Are You Sure?

How easy it is to doubt. As we live this earthly life we sometimes find ourselves in the middle of a season of worry. Just this morning, the radio broadcaster was saying that there is a Facebook post proclaiming Wolf Creek Dam could fail due to high water from many recent rains. The Army Corp of Engineers differs in their opinion, but still the people who live down river from the dam must be concerned about the situation. How sure are they of their safety? Our Lord promises that no matter the situation he will never leave us nor forsake us, (Deut. 31:6), "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord goes with you: he will never leave you or forsake yo

The Trouble With Love

The trouble with earthly love, that is love or pretended love, is whether we realize it or not, it is based on conditions. "I will love you if you will......" (fill in the blank). Even those for whom we care so much sometimes abandon their promised love and it hurts us. In fact, it is hard to comprehend with our earthly way of thinking, a love that would actually be without conditions. It seems to always come to a trade-off. "I will do this if you will do that." Though it may not have started that way, it sometimes ends up with a less than enjoyable situation. Thus, we become apprehensive of loving. We fear abandonment so it's sometimes seems easier to just stay at arms length from others,

"I Have Something to Tell You..."

When Jesus spoke these words to a Pharisee named Simon, He was in Simon's house as a guest. When Jesus entered, and during His stay with Simon, he was treated as a normal guest, but no extra courtesy was offered. While He was at Simon's place, however, a sinful woman entered and anointed His feet with a jar of perfume and wiped them dry with the hair of her head. When Simon saw this he judged that Jesus must not be a prophet since He allowed this sinful woman to touch him. This was a forbidden action for a Jewish man. Jesus perceived Simon's thoughts and said, "Simon, Simon, I have something to tell you." Then He gave Simon a lesson on the sincerity of the heart, and how it relates to our ou

Well Go-o-l-ley!

You may be one who watches the re-runs of the TV program "Gomer Pyle USMC." In that series, which was a "spin-off" of another TV program of that day, "Andy Griffith", every time Sargent Carter would prove Gomer wrong, Gomer, looking like an idiot, would exclaim a drawn out, "Well Golly!" I think many Christians see themselves to be like Gomer while they see the Lord to be like Sargent Carter. If we think we have failed at a task for the Lord, we assume He will be disappointed in us, then we feel like an idiot and think, "Well Golly!" Don't you believe it! God is never disappointed in you. That may seem strange, since you know that at least once or twice you parents were disappointed, then th

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