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Would You Like to Follow in Jesus' Footsteps?

I think most Christians would like to do so. If you did follow Jesus; what would you do, and how would you go about doing it? Our Lord has given us several clues as to how to follow Him. The first one is the imperative, "Follow Me!" (Matthew 4:18-20. But the disciples to whom these words were spoken had a task to do themselves. That task was to do as Jesus had said and "follow". That seems counter to our present day world. We are taught to lead and not to follow. but that is where many of us miss the instruction. We must could our Lord more worthy than ourselves or our time.

Okay, now we are resolved to follow Him. This begs the question; follow where? Here is where we need an example. Begin with sincere prayer that our Lord will guide you to the person you need to speak with about Him.

When Jesus was in Judea, He met a man named Nicodemus who was in need of giving his heart to Jesus. Nicodemus was a ruler, or "teacher" of the Jews. He was a "Rabbi". This meant he was. a scholar in biblical matters, and a teacher of others in the Scripture, as well as, a spiritual leader. So never take for granted that because someone has a position in church somewhere that they know Jesus. There are so many who don't know Jesus but they occupy positions in the body of the church. We don't have to look very far to find someone in need of an introduction to the Lord. I might be a family member, a neighbor, a friend, or just anyone you know.

But whoever the Lord lays on your heart to speak with- seek them out, or maybe they will seek you out to find the truth about salvation through Jesus. When you find that person, you may want to be gentle with them. feeling are easily wounded, and people are easily driven away by brash talk or self-righteousness.

Now that you have located the person to speak with about the Lord, simply tell them in sincerity what Jesus has done in your life that has changed you and made so much difference in you. Take out you Bible and read them Chapter 3 of the New Testament book of John. This single book contains all the saving knowledge needed to save the world from the penalty of sin.


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