You May Not Remember, But....

I remember when I was really young, (like 5 or 6 years old), looking up on the tin roof of my grandparent's house and seeing bed sheets up there with some kind of little yellow things laying all over them. When I ask my grandmother what it was she told me it was apple slices. She further explained that they were up there to dry in the sun. She made excellent apple turnovers and pies. The source of those was up on the roof. Things were much different back then. People were much the same as today but without the pride we now have in our sins. Our society has taught us to have an "in your face" attitude. What would Jesus think about this? I believe he would not want his children to have a "care

I've Got a Secret!

Several decades ago, there was a game show on TV, called, "I've Got a Secret." The panel of questioners was made up of TV or movie celebrates. When the guest (who had the secret) was brought out and introduced, the celebrates questioned him about that secret in a quest to discover what the secret was. I recently watched an old re-run which featured an old man, who was born in 1860. I believe this program was filmed in 1957 because the guy was 97 years old at the time of the presentation. When he was questioned, his answers finally revealed that when he was a child of five years of age, his aunt had taken him to see a play at a place called "Ford Theater." He said he was in the balcony across

Let It Go!

This morning I was looking at my recently found high school annual. The book had been missing for probably 15 years until Yvonne accidentally found it while searching for some sheet music. That annual surely brought back some memories. When I look at the pictures of my class mates and myself, I realize just how much things have changed since those days. The attitudes of the administration and students have certainly changed. But the hopes and dreams of all of us remains the same. Jesus had hope too. He wanted all who believe in Him to continue doing His work here on earth until He returns to call us home. The dream of the church was the same as now- to build on Jesus' plan and to expand His

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