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Dream a Little Dream.....

Can you remember your dreams? Many times I can, but sometimes I cannot. But dreams serve a purpose. Some researchers believe dreams serve to help us resolve conflict or to consolidate memory. It is good that we are able to dream.

What are your dreams for our church during the year 2019? Sometimes we don't share our dreams of our church with others for a number of reasons, but most of us have the same dreams. We hope for church growth both physically and spiritually. But how do we accomplish either of those two goals?

First, we need to share with others what our dreams for the church really are. I am sure that any of the elders or deacons, as well as, myself would be thrilled to hear what you have in mind. Solomon said in a proverb that "there is wisdom in many counselors". If we can put our dreams on paper, sort through them to find our what is immediately attainable, then those we can make happen soon, and finally, our long range goals, we may be able to make them happen sooner than we think!

Sometimes the things we think can't happen, do happen. Our body has the capability to transform many lives, but we need to begin at home by trusting our Father, then believing in ourselves. God has equipped us with all the tools, now we need to rely on the manual, (the Bible), as the instruction book to assemble our dreams into reality. Then should allow God to lead us by His Holy Spirit, to accomplish our dreams.

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