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Concerning Servanthood

We are studying the 18th chapter of John during this season on Wednesday evenings. We are taking our time and digging deep into the perspective between John's view as compared to the other three gospel writers. There are some fascinating facts to notice in John's gospel.

In Matthew 5:39 Jesus, in one of his most challenging verses of the New Testament says, "But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also." This idea, which was new to the hearers on the mount that day, was a reinterpretation of the mosaic law. It had to do with more than an attitude of retaliation. It had to do with true servanthood.

When a child of Christ is reviled, (mistreated), he has a choice to make in that moment. Will he strike back or will he submit. Before making that decision in that moment, we Christians should have already determined that we will either obey the Lord, or go our own way. Hopefully we will have predetermined to obey our Lord and to follow His example. Instead of striking back, instead of "giving it back to them", which is pure human nature, we should follow the admonition of Christ and submit to the aggressor by remaining quiet and humble, if possible.

If someone asks you to carry their load for a mile, will you take the burden and not only go the mile, but take it an extra mile as well? Jesus taught us to do so. Why would Jesus teach us such things? As a Christian, submission to anyone begins with submission to Christ. If we can learn to bow to the will of the Lord, we already have a leg up on being able to be humble when the situation seems to indicate an opposite reaction.

Here is a small test to check your humility level- If you want to know whether you have a servant's heart, check your reaction when someone treats you like a servant. Then you will know. If you discover you don't have a servant's heart, ask God to give you one.

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