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What Is "Your" Label?

For a while, when visiting the grocery, I couldn't find the "Liquid Smoke". I looked all over the section where I thought it might be- around the meat section, or maybe where all the spices, sauces, etc. would be located. I asked for help and was told that many people ask of it's location. "It's located next to the pickles," I was told. One wouldn't normally think of the Liquid Smoke being nestled in with a bunch of pickle jars, since it is an additive like barbecue sauce. I was assuming it would be located along with the other items I add to our back yard barbecue! (Pickles go on after the cooking)!

If a stranger looked for you, would he find you with your like kind? Sometimes it's easy for us to get out of our place and fall into the hands of the wrong people with the wrong influence.

When Jesus returns in the air and calls you up to meet Him, where will he find you? If it's on Wednesday evening, will you be found with like kind at RSCC? I think some of our best services are the Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer time. If you haven't yet joined us, next Wednesday's seats aren't yet sold out! Come on to church at 6:30 pm. You will find a lively discussion where your opinion is not only welcome, it is encouraged!

Just a reminder....Sunday morning, February 3rd, after the Sunday morning service, we will head for the fellowship hall for pizza, salad, and our Team Signup meeting. Again, you are needed, so don't make plans to do anything else. Our church would never be complete without you. It is the Lord's plan that our body works together. Everyone is important, no matter what we personally think about it. When God includes us; it's important!

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