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How About a Date?

We are creatures of habit. We sit in the same seat, in the same room in our homes day after day. When we come to church we sit in the same pew. I know it's comforting to have the secure feeling that familiarity brings, but too much familiarity also brings boredom. Why not do something different?

The routines we all have sometimes keeps us from the excitement we crave. Guys, it doesn't matter how long you've been married, she still likes to be respected and taken to a new restaurant occasionally! Be looking for something different for your next outing.

Do you still enjoy your date night? Everyone loves to be taken out on a date and married folk ought to have one every week! Do you remember the excitement getting ready for that date was when you were first cultivating your relationship? You probably looked into that mirror a couple too many times! But, then, everything had to be perfect. Let's practice putting that much care into getting ready to go out with our loved ones now as well.

There are people in our congregation who don't have anyone to take them anywhere. We all love these people but we can practice our love by asking them to join us on an outing occasionally. This is not just to go eat someplace. You could take them shopping at a mall, or even ask them to come along to buy their groceries as you are shopping for yours. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

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