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Shine Jesus Shine!

Recently, we sang the hymn, "Shine Jesus Shine" in our Sunday morning service. That is a special song to me! The words themselves express a central mission on Russell Springs Christian Church.Shine! Jesus, Shine!" We are on a mission to shine the love of Jesus both in our community and in the world! With God's help and hard work on our part, we intend to fulfill that mission.Will you come and help us do this? There is a place for you here in our church and a work for you to do as well. If you don't see it, just ask!

Hey church! Let's bring in some sheaves this week! What's a sheave you say. Well, let's take a second to figure it out. Hmmmm! Good question. The dictionary says it's wheel with a groove for a rope to run on, as in a pulley block. Well, I guess that explains it. Now we have no idea at all what it means.......or do we?

When we continue to move forward as a church, and when we demonstrate the path to Jesus, (there is only one Way), then we are like that groove, and the rope is like the people walking righteously toward the pulley block, (representing Jesus). The more people led to Jesus the stronger the rope becomes and the more strength we have. So like the song says, "Bring them in, bring them in, bring them in from the fields of sin. Bring the wandering ones to Jesus!"

""oh! Just one more thing!" as Columbo would say..... The biblical definition of the word sheave is, " a bundle of many items, usually the same, tied together. Sheaves is the plural word for "sheaf"., The meaning of "Sheaf" can be stalks of harvested grain that have been bound together. Get it??

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