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Are You Sure About That?

I remember on the TV show, "Green Acres," Mr. Kimball, the farm extension agent, would stand and correct himself. After making a statement, he would try to explain, then re-state it in a different way. It was really comical to watch him!

Jesus found it necessary to correct the disciples on occasion in his loving way, but when he had to correct the Pharisees, it was with a different tone. Did he love the Pharisees? Yes he did. He didn't approve of their self-righteous ways, but he loved them.

When Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin Court came to him by night and ask him how it was possible for him to do the miracles he did, Jesus loved him. And Nicodemus likely became a follower of Christ that night. Jesus corrected him and set him on the right path, and this particular Pharisee received the good word of correction because it was given in a context of love.

When we we think someone has erred, we should think before speaking to them about it. People don't always receive it the way we think we spoke it. Better to err on the side of caution. We would do well to follow the example of Christ and offer a correcting opinion only when the person requests it of us- like Nicodemus asked Jesus. Then Nicodemus felt the blessing of love rather than feeling like he had been scowled.

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