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Like an Old Friend

Tom T Hall wrote a song entitled, "Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine''. He was speaking from an earthly prospective of his life view. When we begin to age, we tend to slow down. Much of this is due to our bodies becoming more frail, which limits our abilities, but even more may be wisdom which tends to cause us to be more cautious, thereby making us enter situations more slowly.

As wisdom sets in, people seem to like a slow conversation, a slow glass of ice tea, and a nice long nap. But few things bring more joy than old dogs and children, especially, our children or their children.

Then our friends add much joy to life. Those precious few whom you have known all your life and whom you trust and have trusted. Those old friends mean much to our lives. They bring not only company to us, but they add the richness of shared experiences. They remember it only slightly differently, but with their viewpoint and yours together, you get a better understanding.

There is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. That one is Jesus our Savior. When it comes to knowing us and understanding us, no one can surpass Him. The funny thing is, even though he knows all about us, He still loves us! When we rejoice, He rejoices! When we cry, so does He. When we need direction, He will steer us into the right pathway. No one but Jesus can do this. He is an old Friend from way back. He's waiting right now. Why not join Him in a conversation?

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