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Good Bye Gary & Cammie

Our Brother Gary Welker and Sister Cammie, will be leaving our fellowship for a new work in Adair county after this Sunday, May 26. The Lord is moving them to another work in His kingdom, the Cain Valley Christian Church. Gary will be pastor there. We will miss you two very much. We will also miss you cheery attitude and willingness to do anything you were ever asked to do. But we know God will bless you and your new church because it is His vineyard we all work in and when he says "work here" we work here, and when He says "work there", we work there. May God be with you both as you continue to work the work while it is day.

Memorial weekend is always special. When we think of what our veterans have been through to continue our freedom, I suppose we cannot imagine it until we have been there ourselves. For those of us who didn't serve, we can say "Thank you for your service" to those who did serve. But we shouldn't be shallow in our gratitude. These guys and gals have been places we never will want to go and done things we never want to do. But veterans, we thank you!

If you haven't been to our Memorial service before, please try to come to church this Sunday. We will appreciate those who have served and those who serve. We hope to see you here!

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