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What Brings Happiness to Your Home?

Several years ago a survey of Christian couples probed the depths of happiness within the home. The question was asked, "What in your opinion brings the most happiness to your home. The majority of responding couples replied, 'Living the Christian faith within the home brings the most happiness ' ".

Indeed, without the bond of faith within the home, it would be difficult to maintain true happiness for any length of time. Many have tried other methods. Trips, education, new cars, bigger homes, more kiddos, etc. but the fact is, these things only bring temporary happiness. True happiness requires something more than things. Though all of the things mentioned before can add a measure of joy to the home, only Christ can add a permanent and lasting fulfillment to the home.

We all want the same things. Health, happiness, home, food, and love. Though we may have them, the happiness they bring will only be short lived without a relationship with the living Lord, Jesus Christ.

Maybe that's what is missing in your household. If it is, please come to Russell Springs Christian Church during our regular services at 10:30 Sunday mornings, or 6 PM Sunday nights, and we have a mid-week Bible study at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays. Or just call the office at 270-866-5591. We will be happy to discuss with you in depth, the benefits of being Christian. Come by today!

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