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October is Here!

Well, it's nearly here! Today is September 23, and it seems like since the official season of Fall has arrived, that October has also arrived. So.....what do you plan to do this fall? Recently I preached a message that spoke of our destinations. All Christians are planning on our final destination being Heaven, but what do you intend to do in the meantime, during this life on earth?

We are on a journey to meet the Lord one day! We can be glad to meet Him or we can dread the meeting, but either way, it's coming one day. Today, why not plan to have a happier home coming by living for Jesus each day? For instance, our destination for this day should be to make a rendezvous with someone who is either known to us, or even if they are not known to us, to tell them what Jesus has done for us and what He will do for them.

Oddly to our thinking, God will still love us even if we don't do the things we should on earth, but wouldn't we be much happier with ourselves if we tried to live for Him each day while we wait for our final day on earth? Remember, many of us are in the "fall season" or our lives. Spring has long past, so what will you do today?


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