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These Are Perilous Times!

With the most important presidential election in history looming on the horizon, we as Christians, more than perhaps we have ever in our lives, need to pray for God's will to be done. We need His guidance!

Every one of us has a personal preference about who the president should be. We also have our thoughts about which party should be in control of the House and the Senate, but our will means nothing if it doesn't match the will of God. Only God knows how to heal our nation. Let's join together in these next few days until the election to ask the Lord for His will to be done, no matter if it matches our wishes or not.

I am afraid the lawlessness that seems to prevail in our city streets will not only continue, but will grow worse with time. People have been murdered, businesses have been looted, or burned, or both. These types of actions are not from the Lord. The Holy Spirit brings peace and unity to people, while the devil brings divisions and strife among God's people.

Sometimes we are hurt or perhaps we hurt others without even being aware of our actions. But whether we are the one hurt or the one who has hurt someone, we should follow the lead of Jesus as He accepted Peter back after Peter hurt Him by denying Him three times. Are we following Jesus.

We can lead others to Him only when we are going in His direction. When we are 100% resolute to do the will of God, when our will means more to us than the will of the Lord, when we see our nation falling apart at the seams and we do nothing to bring healing to the nation, we are not following Jesus. Pray! Pray that God will save our country, then go out and express your faith in Christ by voting the way you believe He would vote in that booth!


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