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An Ungodly Farmer

David Guzik included the following story in a study of the Bible: "There was once an ungodly farmer. When he died, they discovered in his will that he had left his farm to the devil. In the court, they didn't know what to do with it. How do you give a farm to the devil? Finally, the judge decided: "The best way to carry out the wishes of the deceased is to allow the farm to grow weeds, the soil to erode, and the house and barn to rot. In our opinion, the best way to leave something to the devil is to do nothing." We can leave our lives to the devil the same way- do nothing, drifting with whatever currents will drive us."

It is important for us to carefully cultivate our lives that we may produce a good spiritual crop for the Lord. After all, it was He who created us with life from His own breath. He gave us knowledge of Himself, and a will to come to Him on our own. He has given us all the tools- the Holy Spirit, the Bible, His life plan for us, His love- the list goes on and on. Will we use these daily to cultivate a crop of love, or will we just allow our lives to rot? The choice is ours to make each day.

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