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Christian; How Tolerant Are You?

In today's world Christians are painted with a dark brush of being intolerant of any other religion, as well as, many action that we consider to be immoral or ungodly. In fact we don't agree with the world on many things. As a result, we are called all kinds of names, with one of the most common being, intolerant!

Many people in our time believe if you as a Christian don't agree with them, that they should be able to be anything they want, or if you don't agree with them that they should be able to act any way they want, you are intolerant! In other words, they might say, "If you don't agree with my life style, even though it doesn't agree with your core beliefs, then you Christian, are intolerant of me!"

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact Christians are the most tolerant of all people on earth! Let's think about it for a moment. The belief that if Joe Christian doesn't agree with Sally who lives an immoral lifestyle according to God's word, isn't tolerant of her because he doesn't condone her lifestyle, is simply wrong. He simply doesn't agree with her!

To be tolerant is to allow the other person to believe as they wish, even though we don't agree. To be intolerant is to not allow the Christian to maintain her/his belief because it doesn't agree with another person. Christians are the most tolerant people on earth! We maintain our core faith and belief even though it disagrees with sin. We never try to beat people into agreeing with us. We may tell them and show them that according to God's word they are in error, but we don't threaten, or try to coerce them into submission to us or God. They can and will live as they want. Though we may disagree with them, that is as far as it goes. We don't force anyone to "convert" to the Christian faith as do Muslims for instance- Christian maintain your faith and continue to be tolerant!

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