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The Car Is Out of Control Only When I Drive

In 1974, Yvonne & I owned a 1968 VW beetle. It was red and fun to drive. Our son Matt, who was two years aged at the time, accompanied us on vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While there, we decided to go up on the mountain on the Carolina side of Gatlinburg. We had a great time up there, viewing the mountains and relishing what God had created. But soon, we had to come back to town for the evening.

On the way back, I asked Matt if he wanted to drive us back down the mountain. He hopped over into my lap, (times were different then), and I allowed him to steer the car all the way, (several miles) down the mountain road. It was twisty and curvy all the way. But we had a great time doing it. Matt enjoyed a limited amount of freedom while driving. He did what I considered a great job steering the vehicle. But a few of the turns were more than he could maneuver. On those turns I gently applied pressure to the wheel, without his knowledge, to make it around the curves. Though Matt didn't realize my help, the car was never out of my control.

Our lives are very much like when my son drove the beetle. We think we are in control but in reality, only our Heavenly Father knows the road as He gently takes the wheel to guide us safely to our destination. So many people stay in a near panic as they live life, because they don't realize that it is God who controls it all; not we ourselves! If we will just trust our Father, He will allow us to have the joy of steering our lives, but at the same time, we must trust God enough to allow Him to do the guidance. He will not allow you to wreck your life if you put your life in His hands by faith.

"Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. I all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths," (Proverbs 3:5-6).

This is a true saying!

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