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Was It Easier for Jesus?

Many people wonder if the many sufferings Jesus endured on our behalf were easier for Him than it would be for a normal man. Since Jesus was God in human flesh, He must have been stronger therefore making it easier for Him to turn down temptation; right? Not at all! In fact, it was more difficult you Him than it is for us.

Think about it. We humans has sin in our lives. I have likened it to a filter. We filter through our lives all the experiences that come our way. Some of these passing experiences leave a stain of sin on our lives. These sins, unless confessed and forgiven built up a "sin residue" in our experience. This residue of sin begins to build up until our "sin filter" is clogged. It' like a vacuum cleaner. When the bag is full, it won't pick up as much dust.

Now think of the spotless, sinless, life of Jesus. His life was like a brand new vacuum cleaner. When turned on, it would be very easy for Him, being empty of sin, to accept sin into His life. Being totally clean of sin, His temptation must have been much stronger than our temptation. Remember, He faced the very same temptations as you or me, yet without sin! He refused escape the temptations we all face. To do so would have made Him more than man, therefore He would not have been the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

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