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Are You Out There?

A few years ago a popular song state in the lyrics, "Is anybody out there?" I thank our God for my salvation which happened in October of 1962. So, I have been in the family of Jesus Christ almost all of my life.

Having been a child of God for all those years may tend to disconnect me from those who are suffering the loss of a relationship with the Lord. Those of you who read this and have been saved may not often think about those souls who have been in darkness most of their lives. They may wonder if anybody is out there. Does anybody care? How many people have expressed their concern for the lost by actually speaking with them about an eternity separated from God.

Many of the people who need Jesus have a split viewpoint about God. Many believe there is a God out there somewhere but they may not believe God actually care for them, or that He has a plan for them. This is where you and I come in. We are the messengers of the Lord to the lost of the world. We must make them aware of Christ's love for them. Theirs can be a golden future if they will only realize it and trust Christ for their eternity. Otherwise, they are doomed. Every day each of us should ask, "How can I show Jesus to someone today."

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