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Let It Go!

This morning I was looking at my recently found high school annual. The book had been missing for probably 15 years until Yvonne accidentally found it while searching for some sheet music. That annual surely brought back some memories. When I look at the pictures of my class mates and myself, I realize just how much things have changed since those days. The attitudes of the administration and students have certainly changed. But the hopes and dreams of all of us remains the same.

Jesus had hope too. He wanted all who believe in Him to continue doing His work here on earth until He returns to call us home. The dream of the church was the same as now- to build on Jesus' plan and to expand His ministry to the end of the age. But we sometimes find that we have lost part of the zeal we may have had some years ago. Recently, I was considering this when it occurred that we are, most of the time, thinking about everything but the mission of the body of Christ- the church.

We are so tied up with our jobs and family activities, that we barely have time to think about the reason we are on the earth. Society is an unrelenting teacher. We are so bombarded with the expectations of our obligatory that we do well to "scrouge" (not really a word, but if you are from this area you know what it means), a little bit of work for the Lord into our schedules. It ought not be this way. Ideally, our first order of business each day should be to seek the face of the Lord and to set our hearts to delight Him. Then, our obligations should come afterward.

We need to just allow ourselves time to do God's will and as for everything else; let it go!

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