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I've Got a Secret!

Several decades ago, there was a game show on TV, called, "I've Got a Secret." The panel of questioners was made up of TV or movie celebrates. When the guest (who had the secret) was brought out and introduced, the celebrates questioned him about that secret in a quest to discover what the secret was.

I recently watched an old re-run which featured an old man, who was born in 1860. I believe this program was filmed in 1957 because the guy was 97 years old at the time of the presentation.

When he was questioned, his answers finally revealed that when he was a child of five years of age, his aunt had taken him to see a play at a place called "Ford Theater." He said he was in the balcony across from where a very tall man entered the adjacent balcony booth. He described the gentleman as bearded and very stern looking. He also revealed that when a man walked up behind the gentleman and shot him, the president, (as he found out) slumped forward in his seat, then the shooter, fell from the balcony and broke his leg as he landed on the floor.

As you have guessed by now, the "secret" was that the man had witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. If you would like to watch the show, it's on YouTube.

Do you have a secret? Is it the word of the gospel that you aren't sharing with those who so desperately need to hear? Don't keep your secret! Tell the world who Jesus is to you!

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