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You May Not Remember, But....

I remember when I was really young, (like 5 or 6 years old), looking up on the tin roof of my grandparent's house and seeing bed sheets up there with some kind of little yellow things laying all over them. When I ask my grandmother what it was she told me it was apple slices. She further explained that they were up there to dry in the sun. She made excellent apple turnovers and pies. The source of those was up on the roof.

Things were much different back then. People were much the same as today but without the pride we now have in our sins. Our society has taught us to have an "in your face" attitude. What would Jesus think about this? I believe he would not want his children to have a "care for nothing" outlook. He has shown us in so many ways how much he loves us. We should pass on that blessing of love to the world.

It is our honor to be in this position of love.

Let's look for every chance to be a blessing to others. They NEED someone to show them this love. When you see someone who is distressed, come near and be a friend. You may be surprised at how it will turn out. Sometimes the one who seeks to bless others is the one who is blessed. Who knows; you may be entertaining angels unaware!

But by all means, remember not only to care, but to demonstrate your love and care to those who need idt most.

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