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"I Have Something to Tell You..."

When Jesus spoke these words to a Pharisee named Simon, He was in Simon's house as a guest. When Jesus entered, and during His stay with Simon, he was treated as a normal guest, but no extra courtesy was offered.

While He was at Simon's place, however, a sinful woman entered and anointed His feet with a jar of perfume and wiped them dry with the hair of her head. When Simon saw this he judged that Jesus must not be a prophet since He allowed this sinful woman to touch him. This was a forbidden action for a Jewish man.

Jesus perceived Simon's thoughts and said, "Simon, Simon, I have something to tell you." Then He gave Simon a lesson on the sincerity of the heart, and how it relates to our outer actions.

You can believe Jesus has something to say to you too! That is why it is so important to attend all of our church services. We are not there by accident, but because God has chosen that we should meet and learn His word. If you are free and physically able to attend, please do. We need your presence. When all of God's children are gathered together, it is a blessing to everyone! Come and be the important person you are in church.

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