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I'm currently using the library as my office-away-from-office once more. The carpet people are putting in new carpet in the back hallway, stairs, and offices, so I'm living a life in exile. I don't mind, though. After all, I haven't had to unplug the internet gear yet, and hey, everyone needs a change of scenery now and then. If we're telling the truth, the church needed the new carpet. It was looking pretty bad in places, especially the landing on the back stairs.

New carpet is a good thing, but at base, it's just a cosmetic change. I realize churches have split over picking out the color of the carpet, but I don't see that anyone's soul is in jeopardy because they went with blue over red. Our new carpet is a grayish hue, for the record, and it will replace the black spots we track in from outside, but again: it's just a cosmetic thing. What we should be focused on are the weightier matters: souls, salvation, evangelism.

Our mission as a church is to see souls brought to Jesus. Our efforts should be directed along those lines. They could take the shape of anything from a tent revival to feeding the homeless, but they should still be works done in the name of Christ to show God's love to the people around us in hopes they'll begin to love God, too. Everything else becomes secondary. Things like carpet colors, office locations, the clothes you wear to worship . . . those are all cosmetic. Superficial.

Keep the main thing the main thing, and don't make the superficial more important than it should be. Go out and tell people about Jesus. That's why we're here.

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