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The Horror

Sunday I preached about different fears we sometimes face and how our courage is found in God. Occasionally, however, people don't go to God because they're afraid of the c/Church. I say "c/Church" because the fear could be of a church, a local congregation, or the Church, the body of all baptized believers through all time.

Increasingly, it seems to be a fear of the latter, or if not fear, then mistrust or dislike. People point to a few specific things in history and use those to justify staying away from the bride of Christ; the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Salem Witch Trials usually stay at the top of the list. In terms of more contemporary "problems," many dislike the Church's views on abortion, the LGBT community, vices, and other things. I won't address each of these specifically, but it's fair to say horrific things have been said and done in the name of Jesus. The Church has made abominable mistakes in her 2,000 year history.

But those aren't good enough reasons to stay away. You wouldn't demand perfection from any other human being; don't demand it of a group of sinners saved by grace, either. Inasmuch as people are involved, the Church can and will make mistakes. You can never account for what the human element might do. Despite this, she still serves a perfect, holy, and righteous God. He makes no mistakes. Ever. He is perfect love, perfect mercy, and perfect justice. We need those in our lives. We need the blood of Jesus Christ to cover our sins. It's our only chance to live perfectly in the perfect world to come.

Don't fear the Church. Let a church love you and help you along the path that leads to salvation.

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