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Christmas Lists

As a final blog post before Christmas, I present a few things to keep in mind this holiday.


  • don't forget what Christmas is all about

  • don't fling your mashed potatoes at Uncle Bob at dinner

  • don't tell your family's token member of the opposite political party he/she is going to hell; in fact, don't mention anything political at all

  • don't complain about the gift you receive (even if it's socks)

  • don't do your best Grinch impersonation

  • don't sing off-key

  • don't make it about anything or anyone other than Jesus


  • do eat that second piece of cake

  • do spend time with loved ones

  • do laugh at all the bad jokes

  • do sing carols

  • do read the Christmas story

  • do help someone in need

  • do worship and thank God for His love, His blessings, and the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord

Some of these are more important than others, but the point remains the same. Have a blessed Christmas full of joy and love -- and remember to praise God for the birth of the Christ Child all those years ago.

Merry Christmas!

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