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An Army of Love

When you think of an army, you may think of lots of soldiers with much armament. But in our modern day, But in our modern day, it takes fewer soldiers with many kinds of robotics to conquer an enemy. It's amazing that the drone aircraft that bomb terrorist on the other side of the earth are many times piloted by young men and women sitting in the office like war room in Arizona.

With modern technology we can touch people around the world.

Christian soldier, we too have an army. Our army is out there right now telling people the good news, praying for those in need, distributing food, clothing, and shelter where they are needed. Our technology is valuable as well. Though digital media, we can reach thousands of people we will never meet until we finally see them face to face in heaven. Will it be your message they heard?

Today, let's begin to formulate a strategy to allow Christ to flow from us to others on a daily basis. People need the Lord not only on Sunday morning, but every day. Drop a love bomb! Let people hear the name of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ today!

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