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Will You Also Deny Christ?

Many times we as Christians are confused as to what may constitute a denial of Christ. We think, like Peter, who had said, "“Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you,” (Matt 26:35b), that we would NEVER disown our Lord. Really! Have you too, made that decision? Though everyone else denies Christ, will you not also deny Him?

Though we trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for our salvation and life eternal, we also fight against darkness and evil in high places. It is a spiritual battle be fight. The powers of darkness are all around us even at this minute! Satan desires to sift you like wheat!

In order to combat the devil, we must constantly feast on the word. Reading your Bible is so important to your spiritual well-being. To neglect reading the word of God is in a way, a denial in itself. We make time for everything but the most important thing! To neglect Christ is to turn from Him back toward the world. Doesn't this constitute denial of Christ?

Determine right now, that you will not abandon the Scripture in favor of other forms of media. What? Is the Bible media? It certainly is! The Bible is God's personal letter to mankind. He has written it to you! Maybe He didn't put it on Facebook, but just as you read Facebook, you can also read God's Bible. Do it today!


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