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We Would Never Deny Jesus; or Would We?

Well, we think we would never deny our Lord and Savior. Peter said he not only would not deny Jesus, but he would go with Jesus to the death if necessary. It is so easy to be brave when you are in a crowd of believers who support you. But what happens when you are by yourself in a crowd of non-believers? Would we be like Peter and not only deny we even know Jesus, but accompany our falsehood with a curse? Peter never thought he would do such a thing. It is so much easier for a sapling to stand tall in a forest than if the sapling is on a windy plain by itself.

Jesus knew what Peter would do before Peter knew. In fact, He warned Peter that before the rooster crowed on that very night, Peter would have denied Jesus three times. None of us want anything like that to happen to us do we? But it already has happened! "Not me!" you say. Yes, you have already denied Jesus! Can you remember any time during your life that you chose to sin? How about when you were young? Peter was young too. How about when you figured your income taxes? I could site more examples, but you know already. Anytime we chose to sin, we are, in effect, denying our Lord.

So what do we do? The answer is simple. Repent! Turn from sin, and run to the Lord. He is standing ready and able to forgive all of our sins, (1 John 1:9). Run to Jesus, run to Jesus, run to Jesus, and live!


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