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Shell and Nut Game

You may have participated in the old "Shell and Nut" game. The object of the game is simple. A nut is place under a half nut shell, then it is placed on the table along with two other half shells that have nothing under them. The person conducting the game moves the three shells around on the table and your part is to make sure you don't lose sight of the shell with the nut under it. That's very hard to do! The manipulator does everything possible to distract you from keeping your eye on the half shell with the nut under it so you will guess the wrong shell and lose the game.

Sometimes our lives resemble the shell game. Satan wants to distract us from keeping our eyes on the Lord, so he moves things around in our lives to keep us from looking at the Lord. We see all the glitter and empty shells of life and they appear so inviting, we sometimes forget all about keeping our eye on the Lord, so when the time comes to make a decision, we can't see the Lord and we make the wrong decision. A wrong decision always costs us plenty!

Keep your eyes on the Lord that you won't become lost in the world and lose you spiritual direction!


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