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Lessons My Dog Taught Me

Something I have noticed about my dog; well he's actually not my dog, as Mr. Kimble might say, he is really a rescue dog saved a day before he was to be executed at the pound, by my son Jeremy. So with that understood, let me tell you about my dog.

He is always faithful. It doesn't matter if we leave the house and stay gone for a week, as long as he gets some food on occasion, we can always count on him being there when we get home. And whether he has adequate water or food, he still treats me with grace and good manners.

He is obedient. I never need to tell him twice to do anything. Only once is sufficient to elicit the expected response.

He makes no judgement on us. That dog doesn't care how it happened or why it happened, he stands beside us no matter what! And- he will be like that from his date of birth to the date of death. Faithful is the description of him.

He is forgiving. No matter if I step on his paw accidentally, or if I drop something on top of his head, he is immediately understanding and is ready to forgive and forget the incident. He never carries a grudge with him. He is always ready to play.

He's a fighter for me. No one should try to take me down while the dog is around. He will test their mettle if they try to harm me. He bears witness to his feelings about me through his love to duty.

He is no "fair weather" friend. No matter who is around, whether it's the president of the US or a poor homeless soul, our dog is never ashamed of me in any circumstance. Whether I dress incorrectly for the event, or if I wear my hair in yesteryears style, he doesn't even care a little bit. He's my friend.

He doesn't judge me or anyone else by our financial situation. Poor or rich, you will get the same treatment from our dog.

Whether he gets to sleep on the sofa next to me, or it he must sleep in his bed out in the cold garage, he still wags his tail and greets me every morning with the same love and gusto in either case.

I am learning. If I could be more like that dog in my Christian treatment of others, it would be a great witness to the love of Christ to others.

I will continue to try to learn as much as possible from the dog the Lord sent me from the death chamber. What a different world it would be if people could all be like my puppy!


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