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Is God Moving You?

Sometimes after a season of satisfying and comfortable living, we notice that gradually, or even sometimes suddenly, our life situation has begun to change. Our income is shrinking, our rent goes up, someone we are close to moves away, or maybe there is a "tug" inside us that tells us something needs to be changed.

God is our Master Farmer and we are the fruit of His vine. If He is to be able to grow us into what He wants, the thing that will benefit His plan for us the most, the thing that will be best for us during our time on earth, He must not only "water" and "fertilize" us, He must also "prune" us that we may be full to produce the most spiritual fruit possible. But to us, it just seems that things are beginning to go in the wrong direction.

Elijah is an example of God moving someone out of their "comfortable space" and into the field of profitability for the Lord's work. Elijah watched the brook of Cherith slowly dry up before his eyes, (1 Kings 17:17). As each day passed, he observed less and less water in the stream that had be sustaining him. Finally one day, the stream had become only a ribbon of dust.

One of the things we do wrong, and I admit that I have done it too many times, is to hold on to a dying vine until it starves me nearly to death before I wise up and see that God's hand is moving me to another field of growth. So, beware! If you see God moving you pay attention and move along with Him. Otherwise, when we hold on too tightly, we can be inadvertently disobeying the Lord by allowing our refusal to go with God's flow, shrink our ministry down to something much less than was meant for us. So DON'T HOLD ON SO TIGHTLY! See shat God is doing in your life. He will bless you for it!


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