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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

I think, even for those who say it doesn't matter; it does matter, at least a little bit. Yesterday, in Washington DC, our US Capitol Building was under siege. That seems incredible to us. The last time anything like that happened was in 1954 when four Puerto Rican nationalists broke into the Ladies' Gallery of the House of Representatives and fired several automatic pistol rounds inside the chamber. It is said there are still bullet holes to be found in the room. Before that, during the war of 1812, the British broke into the capitol in 1814.

We are a nation of laws. Our nation's laws are set in precedence. We don't storm the capitol in what those from other countries might consider a coup. I'm sure most people who were on the scene yesterday didn't think it would unfold as it did, and I also think nothing like that will happen again anytime soon. But in the meantime, it left our nation puzzled at what the perpetrators actually thought would be accomplished by their actions.

No matter which side of the isle any one of us stands on, yesterday will be a day long remember. What ever we thought about the goings on in Washington will forever be changed after this event.

We can mess up a good life by erring as well. We as Christians can follow Christ as closely as possible all of our lives, but we can commit one public sin and ruin our witness in the eyes of some forever. Therefore, it is important that we guard our hearts and minds against Satan and his attacks at all times. It does matter what people think. Our influence can be spoiled permanently by one foul action. Be on guard against temptation that you not fall into its lure. Strengthen your life spiritually daily by walking as closely as possible with the Lord.


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