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Honey Boo Boo is Thin!

I thought that would get your attention! Isn't it funny what we read or look at during a day? That headline was in the World News Report today. I'm glad it was about Honey Boo Boo instead of "Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor"! It wasn't long ago that that was the headline in all the papers around the world.

With Veteran's Day coming this Thursday, it would be good if we think about the importance of our veterans and the sacrifices they have made throughout the years to give us the right to "assemble freely" in church each week. In Communist countries there are no guaranteed freedoms of worship. Thank God for what out strong military has done for this country by giving life and limb for us.

Now we are engaged in a great battle of words concerning our current presidential election. Please pray this week that God's will be done and life yet to be born will be saved, that God's word will be honored, especially by His people who are called by His name. Your prayers are up to you. Our freedom and the freedom of others depends upon our godly response to world affairs.


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